Love What You Do

We live in a culture that portrays “work” as the enemy. We dream about “quitting our day-jobs” or creating that perfect “4 hour workweek”. We dread waking up Monday morning, and can’t wait to head to the bar Friday afternoon - because, “hey it’s five o’clock somewhere, right?”

But maybe we should focus on having the kind of job that makes you want to come in early and leave late, a job that you love and that is part of you. Being in a career that fulfills your inner needs, and gives you what you put into it.

You need enjoyable, fun and challenging work to have a meaningful life. I think so at least. If the average time you spend at work is 8 hours, then that’s 30% of your life spent “on the job”. So how can anyone be happy while spending a third of their lives staring at a clock, waiting for it to be over?

Please, don’t get stuck in a job or career that makes you unhappy. Unstick yourself, and take the time to find or create your dream job. Putting in the effort to have a better, more interesting job will make you happy. It will give you purpose. It’s the beginning of your career, so make it count.

I cannot express in words how grateful I am to have a successful career and to be absolutely in love with my “job”. The only way I got here was by challenging social norms and chasing my dreams. Now I’m living a fairytale that I never thought was possible five years ago.

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