Day One

This is day one of my freelance journey. I left my job this past Friday, and I’ve never been filled with so much passion and energy before.

Quitting was the best thing I could have done for my career at this point. In this entire process of deciding to leave toxicity behind and then choosing the path before me, feelings of uncertainty and fear have been nonexistent. I’m completely confident in myself and my abilities more than ever, and I have the work to prove it. Every day is filled with more twists and turns that leave me excited for the wonderfully complex road ahead.

Being young, I know this optimism and energy won’t last forever, so I’m taking advantage of the rush and fulfillment that this type of work and lifestyle gives me. Leaving home and putting everything on the line was more than worth it if I can continue to feel like this.

Day One was great, and I can’t wait for even better days ahead!

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