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An empathetic curious human. Passionate about delightful, usable experiences made possible by great reusable and scalable code.

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Freelance front-end development and user interface design.

I have been designing and building web applications professionally for the past seven years, and coding for the web for the past eleven years.

Some of work I do for clients nowadays includes; create and implement style guides, contribute and update existing style guides, Sass/CSS refactoring, implement user-facing features, building reusable components, designing flexible user interfaces and interactive features based on product specifications.

In my work, I take a modular approach to building interfaces and web applications. I belive code should be DRY, modular and component based. Any styles should be reusable and well documented, so that any developer in the present or future can understand, use, and extend on the work. Designs should be well documented as part of a design system that an entire team or organization can benefit from. Through clean and well written code, both developers and users should enjoy a seamless and accessible experience. I act as a liaison between developers and designers by bringing design sense to a codebase and by bringing front-end expertise to designers and design systems.

If you'd like to explore working together, feel free to reach out: work@nicoledominguez.com. To find out more, browse around or take a look at my Linkedin Profile.