The Shorty Awards

Product Design & Front-end Development

In 2019, I did a contract project to design and develop a Brand Assets/Media Kit page for third-party vendors to be able to retrieve Shorty Awards assets. This was done so the company could encourage proper usage of logos and colors being used.

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The Shorty Awards organization is one I have had the pleasure of working on from 2013-2015 as a Senior Product Designer/Front-end Developer with Sawhorse Media. Below is a sampling of that work, including unused concepts.

Worked with a visual designer and CTO to execute a large, complex redesign of the website. Built on Django, Sass, jQuery, Bootstrap. Refactored styles and markup.

I was responsible for wireframes, UI design and front-end development of an app refresh.

Branding by Aaron Taylor Waldman, UX work by Anna Kardaleva. Some visual web design work by Jana Styblova.

Illustrated custom stickers.

I designed and developed an internal live styleguide for designers and developers to be able to easily grab components or classes without needing a designer to create something custom each time. Built in HTML, Sass, Django.

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